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What constitutes race discrimination in the workplace?

As previously discussed, individuals in the workplace can face mistreatment for unlawful reasons. Specifically, an employee or applicant might be discriminated against based on a protected personal characteristic. This includes traits such as gender, age, race, color, national origin and religion. Race discrimination has a longstanding history in the U.S., therefore, employees in Illinois and elsewhere that believe they have been discriminated against based on race or color should understand that they may have legal resources available.

What constitutes race discrimination in the workplace? It could be harassing comments or the reason a person is not hired. However, it could be a wide range of actions and conduct. Although race and color overlap, discrimination can look different for these two categories. Discrimination based on color could occur between people or different races or ethnicities or between those of the same race or ethnicity and is based on the lightness, darkness or color characteristics of a person's skin.

On the other hand, discrimination based on race stems from the victim's actual race. Whether discrimination is based on race or color, an individual can prove these acts have occurred by showing the hiring or advancement procedures were not uniformly applied, compensation and employment benefits are not uniformly enjoyed, harassment is experienced, retaliation occurs, an employee is segregated or pre-employment information is used to make hiring decisions.

Employment litigation may be the next proper step to take if you believe you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace. Such an action not only holds an employer accountable but also help to provide compensation and damages for any harms suffered.

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