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What questions are asked in a citizenship examination?

Immigrants come to America for various reasons. And some of these reasons turn into entering the path of citizenship. While citizenship is not the goal of all immigrants in America, it is often sought after, making it important to understand what this process entails. In other words, what must an applicant for citizenship in Illinois and elsewhere do in order to gain citizenship?

The ADA and taking action against discrimination

Most of us need to find and keep a job, no matter our age or physical capabilities. Unfortunately, a person's physical abilities are judged against his or her ability to work in certain environments. Living with a disability tends to generate many challenges, making some things very difficult on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, being discriminated against based on this disability can cause additional challenges.

Village manager in Illinois sues for severance money

When we are hired for a job, our intention is to remain in the position until it is no longer a good fit based on the employee's experience or an employer's observation of the employee. Until there is a lawful step to end employment, an employee must remain employed. In cases where an employee was unlawfully terminated or an employer failed to meet their obligations when an employee voluntarily resigns, this could result in an employment dispute.

Why would you want to go through a business merger?

Starting a business is a lengthy and often complex process. It is also a process that requires many serious decisions. Even when a business is rolling and well established, many vital and tough decisions will still need to be made. For businesses seeking to expand, planning a merger might be in the business's best interests. However, this process needs to be completed by carefully strategizing and planning the merger from beginning to end.

What happens to your will when you move?

A will always benefits from an update after a notable life event. You might consider adjusting your will after you have a child, begin a marriage or buy a house. Moving to a different state is a huge life change that demands planning and consideration. Just like you will need to change your driver’s license and voter registration, you should modify this very important document. Your loved ones depend on a revised will for clarification and structure in the future.

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