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How to prevent allegations of immigration status discrimination

As a Chicago employer, you likely have applicants and employees with a wide variety of immigration statuses. Just as it is illegal to discriminate against employees and job applicants based on protected statuses like race, nationality, gender and disability, it's also illegal to discriminate based on immigration or citizenship status.

Should you sell your products in a large online marketplace?

You've created your own line of scented candles or perhaps homemade jewelry, wall art or t-shirts. You're ready to start selling them online. Do you use a proven e-commerce giant like Amazon, Etsy or eBay or do you do it through your own website?

What do you need for a valid confidentiality agreement?

The confidentiality agreements (often referred to as nondisclosure agreements or NDAs) that you have employees sign need to hold up in court, if challenged. Otherwise, they are basically worthless. That's why do-it-yourself agreements like those you can download from websites aren't a good idea. It's best to have your attorney help you draft them and make sure that they address your specific goals and needs.

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