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Walker Morton LLP provides sophisticated legal services to businesses across the spectrum in terms of size, complexity, industry and geographic footprint. Our clients include publicly and privately-held companies, high net worth individuals and not-for-profits. As business owners, we understand the importance of value-driven services, and closely align our interests with our clients, playing a strategic role in their success. We proudly maintain a strong culture of personal service, and are typically considered to be a critical business partner by our clients.

Walker Morton LLP was founded in October 2015 by attorneys with decades of combined experience at large, top-tier law firms, in response to a mandate from our founders’ longstanding clients to provide highly focused attention and advice at the most sophisticated level, in a more efficient but well-resourced organization. We are proud to be at the front edge of an important shift in the legal market, which increasingly recognizes that top-shelf advice and counsel require close personal relationships with trusted advisors who understand their organizations and needs, and who operate in a modern working environment where they can be truly responsive and agile.

Our Successful Approach To Law

Our firm offers a wide array of services, supporting a broad industry and client base. A number of Walker Morton LLP‘s clients are prominent in their industries and have established decades long partnerships with our attorneys. We are leaders in each of the areas in which we practice, including corporate law and business transactions, employment and labor law, litigation and dispute resolution, healthcare law and immigration. With a wealth of combined experience, Walker Morton is able to distill the critical services our clients require into a powerful package of skill, responsiveness, smart staffing and value.

Our clients engage us to advise them on matters that require a high level of sophistication, insight and expertise. We in turn provide personal attention from prominent attorneys who are leaders in their respective fields. We work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs, goals, industry dynamics and market position. From that, we will tailor a plan of action that is uniquely suited to their goals.

Our business model depends on speed, efficiency, accuracy and productivity for our success. To achieve these goals, we leverage technology in innovative ways to improve client communication, team collaboration, document production and knowledge management.

Walker Morton serves clients throughout the Midwest, across the U.S. and in a number of foreign locales.

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Premier Lawyers Of America

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