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What is the path to citizenship?

Coming to America means so many different things to immigrants currently residing in the nation. For some, it is a life long dream to come to the United States for school or a career. For others, it means a better chance for their family. And for some, it means escaping a very challenging and dire situation. Whatever the reason is, when foreign nationals seek to remain in the U.S. and become a citizen, there are steps that need to be taken.

Guiding you through the business formation process

Whether it is something you've been working towards for years or a sudden opportunity, starting a business is a major event. Much goes into a business no matter its size. Thus, business owners need to take steps to ensure their interests in the business are protected. This is why it is essential to understand the business formation process and what business type is best for your situation.

Five basic steps for starting an LLC

Starting a business sounds like an exciting adventure. While an Illinois business venture sounds great in conversation and looks pretty good on paper, some are afraid the dive in a take the necessary steps to form a business. Maybe they are afraid of failing, or perhaps the task of getting everything put together is daunting.

Purchasing an existing business versus franchising

Many people in Chicago want to become business owners. While some choose to start their own business from the ground up, others choose to purchase either an already existing business or a franchise. Business formation and planning take careful thought, so it can pay to understand how purchasing an already existing business differs from franchising, so you can determine if these options are right for you.

Avoid these four tax mistakes

Most people dread doing their taxes. It involves a lot of paperwork, and the tax system is incredibly confusing. You do not want to miss out on any deductions, but making a mistake could land you in hot water with the IRS.

Measure would provide Irish nationals with E-3 visas

Many individuals from a wide range of countries seek to come to the United States to obtain temporary or permanent employment. However, in order to come to America for employment, a certain process must be followed. This requires obtaining the proper documentation, such as a specific visa, for the type of work the foreign national will be carrying out.

How do immigrants lawfully work in the U.S.?

For some, obtaining employment is challenging. Thus, when a person obtains their dream job, it is something that they do not want to turn down. For foreign nationals, it is a bit more complex, as they must ensure they have applied for the proper visa so they can travel to the U.S. and obtain employment at the place in question.

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