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Citizenship through naturalization

While the reasons range greatly, some Illinois immigrants come to the United States to make it their home. Every day, immigrants seek to obtain citizenship. However, this is not an easy process. It can be a lengthy, making it vital for immigrants seeking to become a citizen to understand the process and necessary steps.

What constitutes race discrimination in the workplace?

As previously discussed, individuals in the workplace can face mistreatment for unlawful reasons. Specifically, an employee or applicant might be discriminated against based on a protected personal characteristic. This includes traits such as gender, age, race, color, national origin and religion. Race discrimination has a longstanding history in the U.S., therefore, employees in Illinois and elsewhere that believe they have been discriminated against based on race or color should understand that they may have legal resources available.

Understanding pregnancy discrimination

The workplace is filled with a wide array of individuals. They differ by gender, age, race, national origin, religion and even sexual orientation. Laws protect a diverse work environment as well as allowing a person to not be hired, harassed, terminated or mistreated because of a protected characteristic. While some of these characteristics are obvious, some are not as apparent, such as when a female employee becomes pregnant and even decides to take an FMLA leave. If this employee suffers any harassment or discrimination because of her pregnancy or taking a maternity leave, this could be considered pregnancy discrimination, giving rise to a legal action against an employer.

ICE raids lead to workplace arrests

Besides tourism, one of the biggest reasons immigrants come to America is to find work. While there are many legal avenues to accomplish this endeavor, not all foreign nationals go through the legal channels to obtain a work visa to relocate to the United States for a period of time. Thus, immigrants could face deportation if they do not have the proper paperwork and visa to work in the U.S. Even if they have taken the proper and legal steps to come to America and work in a certain industry, an immigrant could still be questioned about the validity of these documents.

How can you change a nonimmigrant status while in the U.S.?

For many immigrants, it is common to come to the United States as a tourist. In order to do so, a visitor visa is required. This visa allows the foreign national to travel within the U.S, for a designated amount of time. If that time is about to lapse, it is possible to obtain an extension. However, if an immigrant seeks to be more than a tourist in the country, he or she will need to file additional paperwork to remain in the country.

Helping you with your business formation and planning needs

Launching a new business is the dream of many in Illinois and elsewhere. But putting a dream into action can be a complex process. A business cannot get started overnight. However, it can get started over a course of several weeks, months or years. Understanding your end goal is important when planning a business, but it is also important to understand certain components of the business world when it comes to forming a business.

The benefits of a limited partnership

When forming a business, one needs to be aware of their options. Not all businesses look alike, and they certainly do not function alike either. Based on the needs, roles and goals of the business owner or owners, a business is formed to meet these needs the best way possible. In some cases, the best way to meet these objectives is to develop a limited partnership.

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