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What is a business contract?

When it comes to business matters, transactions are frequently completed. While these are common occurrences, there are necessary components for these transactions to be properly executed. In many cases, this means drafting and entering into a business contract. Although these can have a routine feel to them, these are necessary documents, especially when they spell out specific terms and requirements.

What it means to have dual citizenship

When a person is born in a country, he or she becomes a citizen of that country. So, in simple terms, a person born in the U.S. then becomes a citizen of the U.S. While this is very straightforward, it can become more complex as dual citizenship is possible. As the name implies, this means a person is considered a citizen of two countries at the same time.

Guiding you through employment law matters

When employees are hired in Illinois and elsewhere, this causes an employee-employer relationship to form. When this occurs, each party owes certain duties to each other. For example, an employee has the duty to fulfill the obligations of their employment contract, and an employer has the duty to provide a safe working environment. When an issue arises in an employee-employer relationship, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to you and how this matter could be resolved.

Is mediating a dispute the right option?

It’s inevitable that businesses hit bumps in the road. Matters get more complicated when two or more parties are involved. If an argument ensues and no agreement is made, businesses need to look at other legal options. There are various ways to resolve business disputes. However, each case is unique and requires a well-thought approach.

What are the benefits of FMLA leave?

Having a job means typically showing up during the weekdays and putting in 40 hours a week. This is typical for most employees in Illinois and elsewhere; however, there are some reasons to need time off from work. Whether it is planned or unexpected, an employee may request time off for a family or medical reason without their job being at risk because they took this time off.

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