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Applying for a fiance visa

Reality television often glamourizes normal life events. Even when something is not normally experienced by individuals in Illinois and elsewhere, a television series can leave out the challenges that are often associated with it. Take for example the reality series that follows U.S. citizens on their journey to lawfully wed a foreign national. While it is not uncommon immigrants to move to the U.S. for love, these series do not focus on all the obstacles and steps of the process that can make this a reality.

What is pregnancy discrimination?

Applying for a new job can be stressful. Whether it is for a career change, advancement or just a change in environment, individuals of all backgrounds go through the application process. However, when females are seeking new employment, she may not be properly assessed. In other words, the fact that she is female may not be positively looked at. Even more so, when a female applicant is pregnant, this could be used against her in the hiring process, giving rise to the concern of discrimination.

Legislation seeks to prevent gender-based discrimination

Applying for a new job can be a complex and overwhelming process. Whether it is for a career change or because one recently lost their current job, completing all the steps in the application process requires one to provide many details about him or herself. One essentially puts him or herself out there during an interview. A potential employer can learn a lot about an applicant at this point, and if that information is not used properly, this could be construed as employment discrimination.

Naturalization and the citizenship exam

As a previous post highlighted, many foreign nationals come to America through Illinois and other states to establish citizenship. While it can be a lengthy process, it is possible for immigrants to successfully enter the path to citizenship and complete it without any issues. This process is also known as naturalization and, in order to be naturalized, one must be eligible and pass certain tests.

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