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College of DuPage president still suing for wrongful termination

When looking at Illinois employer-employee relationships, an employer seeks to hire reliable workers and an employee seeks to maintain their job. However, situations can arise, impacting these relationships. In some cases, an employee might assert a breach of contract, if their employment included a contract, or they could claim wrongful termination if they believe they were fired for unlawful termination.

An employment litigation mater is currently going on between the College of DuPage and former President Robert Breuder. This lawsuit stems from the college's decision to fire Breuder back in 2015. Following his dismissal and the denial of his $763,000 buyout laid out in him contract, Breuder filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which was filed less than 24 hours after his firing, also alleges breach of contract, conspiracy, defamation and violation of his due process rights. As a result, Breuder is seeking more than $2 million in compensation and punitive damages.

The College of DuPage claims that because of the board's 4-1 vote to terminate Breuder, this voided the retirement buyout laid out in his contract with the school. The case is currently in federal court and it is estimated that the College of DuPage has accumulate roughly $527,600 in legal bills fighting this lawsuit. In effort to dismiss all 6 counts against them, the college filed a separate motion in 2016. Back in March of 2017, one of the three counts was dismissed while portions of two counts were dismissed. If the appellate court overturns these decisions, the case could come to an end; however, if the ruling stands, then the parties will proceed at the trial court level.

Employment litigation matter can be complex for both sides of the case. Thus, it is important to understand how best to precede when an employee is accusing an employer of wrongful termination or other employment issues. Initiating a strong defense is an important step to take, helping to resolve the problem and both parties to move forward.

Source: The Daily Herald, "College of DuPage's legal bill to fight Breuder lawsuit: $527,600 and climbing," Robert Sancez, Dec. 11, 2017

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