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Understanding gender discrimination in the workplace

As any woman in Illinois and elsewhere can attest, strides for women have been made over the past several decades. And while it has been made known that women have the ability to perform equally to their male counterparts, women are still treated as if this is not the case. Gender discrimination still exists in society, and when it occurs, it can have a damaging effect.

Taking action following discrimination in the workplace

A workplace can be filled with many dynamics. Each individual employee brings his or her own expertise and personality, while the demands of the workplace can put strains on the interactions and relationships between and among employees. While the workplace is suppose to be a positive and safe environment, this does not always occur. Some employees are faced with mistreatment and harassment, calling into question whether or not they have any action they can take to resolve the matter.

Aide of Illinois House Speaker accused of sexual harassment

In part due to social changes and awareness brought about by the "me too" movement, places of employment in Illinois and elsewhere are becoming more conscious of certain conduct in the workplace. Sexual harassment and assault are serious allegations to make against an employer or colleague. When an employee asserts these charges, it could result in employment litigation, especially if an employee had to quit or was terminated after making a complaint.

What is pregnancy discrimination?

Applying for a new job can be stressful. Whether it is for a career change, advancement or just a change in environment, individuals of all backgrounds go through the application process. However, when females are seeking new employment, she may not be properly assessed. In other words, the fact that she is female may not be positively looked at. Even more so, when a female applicant is pregnant, this could be used against her in the hiring process, giving rise to the concern of discrimination.

Legislation seeks to prevent gender-based discrimination

Applying for a new job can be a complex and overwhelming process. Whether it is for a career change or because one recently lost their current job, completing all the steps in the application process requires one to provide many details about him or herself. One essentially puts him or herself out there during an interview. A potential employer can learn a lot about an applicant at this point, and if that information is not used properly, this could be construed as employment discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time for most women. Despite it being a joyful time, some women decide not to disclose their pregnancy right away. Nonetheless, when a pregnant woman does disclose her pregnancy to her employer, she is expected to have their support when it comes to making any reasonable accommodations. However, if an employer fails to do so or if a pregnant woman is treated differently in the workplace, she may have a claim for pregnancy discrimination.

Helping you address discrimination in the workplace

Whether you just started a job or have been with the same company your entire adult life, it is important to understand the rights afforded to employees in Illinois and elsewhere. These rights essentially translate to duties imposed upon employers. For example, an employer has the duty to provide a safe working environment. They also have the duty to not discriminate against employees and address any instances of discrimination or sexual harassment.

Judge accused of sexual harassment

The workplace is not always a perfect place. There are ups and downs, and some employees may not get along. However, all workplaces should be free from sexual harassment. Unfortunately, some employees and employers fail to uphold these rights by making comments or carrying out certain acts.

Guiding you through employment law matters

When employees are hired in Illinois and elsewhere, this causes an employee-employer relationship to form. When this occurs, each party owes certain duties to each other. For example, an employee has the duty to fulfill the obligations of their employment contract, and an employer has the duty to provide a safe working environment. When an issue arises in an employee-employer relationship, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to you and how this matter could be resolved.

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