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An overview of business partnerships

The term "partner" is used in many different contexts outside of the world of business. Two people who choose to live together in marriage or as a committed couple may call each other their partners, and good friends who have a close emotional bond may refer to each other as their "partners-in-crime." In the business world, though, a partnership has a distinct meaning and Chicago business owners should understand it before they commit to being partners with others.

How do I select the best business form for my business?

Selecting the best business form for your business is an important question that should be carefully considered. The selection of a business form impacts liability, taxation, how much the business costs to run, control of the business, capitalization and other considerations as well which is why new business owners and entrepreneurs should not make the decision lightly.

What are the advantages of an S-corporation?

For those deciding to start a corporation, there are many things to consider. To begin, a business plan should be put in place. However, a more important issue to address is what type of business to form. There are various business types, but usually, there is only one or two that may work best for one's business. One thing to put in the forefront of one's thought process is liability and taxes.

Guiding you through the business formation process

Whether it is something you've been working towards for years or a sudden opportunity, starting a business is a major event. Much goes into a business no matter its size. Thus, business owners need to take steps to ensure their interests in the business are protected. This is why it is essential to understand the business formation process and what business type is best for your situation.

Five basic steps for starting an LLC

Starting a business sounds like an exciting adventure. While an Illinois business venture sounds great in conversation and looks pretty good on paper, some are afraid the dive in a take the necessary steps to form a business. Maybe they are afraid of failing, or perhaps the task of getting everything put together is daunting.

Purchasing an existing business versus franchising

Many people in Chicago want to become business owners. While some choose to start their own business from the ground up, others choose to purchase either an already existing business or a franchise. Business formation and planning take careful thought, so it can pay to understand how purchasing an already existing business differs from franchising, so you can determine if these options are right for you.

How do you dissolve a business partnership?

Starting a business is a major step in anyone's life. Whether it is a small business or a major corporation, there are certain steps individuals must take in Illinois to protect themselves as well as the company. When entering a partnership, one necessary document is a partnership agreement. This document helps define the partnership, especially when it comes to addressing profits and losses. But, what about when a partner wants to get out of the partnership or the partners seek to end the partnership? How can they protect their rights and interests in this matter?

Helping you form a successful business

Starting a business can take much time and effort. Not only does one need enough assets to get a business running, they need foundational work to ensure the structure of the business is strong. This can prove to be very important and profitable for one starting their first business. While there is no guarantee that a business will succeed, there are ways to ensure that it has been formed successfully.

The differences between a partnership and an LLC

Being an entrepreneur these days is very common. Whether it is a small business or a large company, starting a business is an exciting time for individuals in Illinois and elsewhere. However, it is also a time where many serious and important decisions are made. And these decisions are required from the very start, such as deciding what type of business to form.

Why would you want to go through a business merger?

Starting a business is a lengthy and often complex process. It is also a process that requires many serious decisions. Even when a business is rolling and well established, many vital and tough decisions will still need to be made. For businesses seeking to expand, planning a merger might be in the business's best interests. However, this process needs to be completed by carefully strategizing and planning the merger from beginning to end.

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