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A day in the life of an immigrant detainee

Hundreds of immigrants are being held in detention facilities across the country awaiting decisions on their immigration status. But when they are suddenly plucked from their communities and disappear, many Americans are unaware of the trauma they’ll endure before being sent back to their birth country.

If fleeing violence does not count as seeking asylum, what does?

Of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world, 42 belong to Latin America. Although the continent only makes up 8.5 percent of the world’s population,   27 percent of global homicides are committed within this region alone. As the Trump administration is attempting to limit the requirements for asylum seekers, people who have abandoned their violent homelands in hopes of a better life may be turned away.

Liberated immigrants want to go home but ICE will not let them

After fighting to be freed from behind bars for a crime they did not commit, Gabriel Solache and Arturo Reyes want out of the U.S. The two Mexican citizens made arrangements to return to their native country after serving 18 years out of life sentences for murder. Although this is not the typical story of two immigrants fighting to stay within U.S. borders, sometimes all you want is to go home.

Is my child a U.S citizen if born overseas?

The U.S. state department estimates roughly 9 million U.S. citizens live overseas. Apart from learning a new language and adapting to an unfamiliar culture, the expat lifestyle can become even more complicated if you find yourself expecting a child on foreign land. Typically a child born in a foreign country with one parent being a U.S citizen is entitled to American citizenship. This precedent can vary depending on the country of residence and the constant modifications made to legal guidelines.

Prioritizing end of life care when estate planning

A recent survey conducted by The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation polled people in four countries about their end-of-life concerns. What their polling found among participants from the U.S., Brazil, Italy and Japan was that priorities varied depending on their location, but there were points of commonality. One such example was the U.S. and Japan, whose participants both harbored concerns about burdening their family with high end-of-life care costs.

Cultivating employee compliance

Often, companies think that because they have a compliance program in place that will deter and prevent employee misconduct. Unfortunately, that is not the case and policies can inadvertently encourage misconduct when the corporate culture has conflicting incentives.

Uber under federal investigation for industrial espionage

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating the ride-sharing company Uber for possible industrial espionage resulting in the possible theft of trade secrets from its rivals. The allegations triggered a delay in the high-profile trial in which it is accused of stealing autonomous car technology from the Google-spinoff Waymo.

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