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Reasonable accommodations in the workplace

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a piece of federal legislation that prohibits discrimination in American workplaces based on the disabilities of workers. States like Illinois have adopted their own anti-disability discrimination legislation that govern how certain workplaces may or may not address their workers' disability-based needs. Individuals with questions about disability discrimination law are encouraged to seek legal help for their issues as this post is offered as information only.

Under the ADA, employers must offer their disabled workers reasonable accommodations to support them in the completion of their job-related tasks. This could mean providing wheelchair-bound workers with workspaces they can enter, visually impaired workers with bigger work screens or materials and other such accommodations. An employer does not have to undertake every possible accommodation for a disabled worker; their efforts must, however, be reasonable.

If an accommodation would be excessively expensive for an employer, it may not be considered reasonable. Any accommodation that imposes a hardship on a business or employer may not be considered reasonable under the law. Reasonableness is not a set standard, but rather a continuum of possible courses of action that may or may not be required of employers under the ADA.

A disabled worker who has not been given reasonable accommodations at work may have discrimination claims against their employer under the ADA. Employers that are struggling with ADA claims and having trouble understanding what they must do to support their disabled workers may also benefit from the support of employment law counsel. Attorneys who work in the employment and discrimination fields of law can provide guidance and direction to individuals who are on both sides of employment law claims.

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