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Government announces immigration raids

Last month President Donald Trump announced that immigration raids would take place across the nation to identify and remove allegedly illegal immigrants from the United States. Those raids were put on hold. However, it has been publicized that they will in fact happen and will begin after the 4th of July. Several cities have been identified as targets of the planned raids, and Chicago is one of them.

The raids were initially delayed in an effort to see if federal legislators could come to terms with a way to improve the current asylum process that immigrants must go through when seeking to stay within the borders of the nation. As previously discussed on this blog, a person may seek asylum in the United States when they have suffered persecution in their home nation.

As the planned raids loom in the near future, many important and life-changing questions may dominate the thoughts of individuals who have come to the United States as immigrants. It is important for individuals in this unique situation to remember that they have rights prior to their deportations and may work with immigration attorneys to protect their options for remaining in the country.

Before a person is deported they are generally given notice of the pending legal process, an opportunity to appear at a hearing regarding their status and opportunities to explain why they should be allowed to remain. To build a strong and cogent case regarding one's rights to stay in the United State, it is advisable that they seek the counsel of attorneys who work in the immigration and deportation fields of law.

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