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Claims of deceptive trade practices harm Chicago businesses

Chicago business owners may do everything they can to operate their entities with honesty and integrity. Many people put their whole lives into the companies that they create, and they are not willing to sacrifice their good names to get ahead because of cheating or deceit. Unfortunately, though, good businesses and their owners often suffer when claims of deceptive trade practices are made against them. This post will generally discuss what deceptive trade practices are and what businesses can do when they are alleged to have committed them.

Deceptive trade practices are wrongful efforts on the part of businesses to entice others to buy their products or services. Businesses that engage in false advertising may face claims of deceptive trade practices. Additionally, using or pushing bad information about other businesses and their products may also be considered wrongful in this area of law.

When claims of deceptive trade practices are lodged they can quickly become dangerous problems for businesses. Their reputations may suffer and their sales may drop if wrongful allegations are allowed to grow and spread. In order to combat the harm that may befall a business that is charged with deceptive trade practices, the help of a business law attorney can be of great significance.

The state of Illinois has adopted the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act which means that entities can be sued by the state or by private individuals who believe that they have been wronged by the actions of the allegedly deceptive businesses. Depending on how litigation is filed against a business, the resolution of their case may be very different. These and other details about deceptive trade practices should be discussed with knowledgeable business law attorneys.

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