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Can an employment contract cover termination terms?

Before a Chicago resident takes a new job they may be asked to sign an employment contract. That document may cover a whole host of topics ranging from compensation and vacation policies, expected work hours and performance expectations, as well as issues that are specific to the employer or industry in which the job is located. A contract for employment may also cover situations in which termination of the employee may be appropriate.

For example, a termination clause may give both of the parties to the agreement the right to end the employee's work relationship with the employer. That means that an employee can leave their job if they choose, but it also means that the employer can let them go. There are justifiable reasons that employees may be terminated, but as readers of this blog may know there are reasons that employers may not use to end their workers' jobs.

Discrimination is not a valid reason for ending a worker's position with their employer. There are many different types of discrimination that can affect workers, like age discrimination, gender discrimination, religious discrimination and others. When an employer uses a workers' inclusion in one of these or other protected classifications as the basis for ending their job, the employer may be in violation of the law and subject to sanctions.

When a person decides to take a new job they may be asked to sign an agreement with their new employer. It can be beneficial for them to have an attorney read over their employment contract to ensure that it is both fair and legal. Discrimination is a problem in some Illinois workforces and workers can benefit from getting legal support.

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