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Understanding gender discrimination in the workplace

As any woman in Illinois and elsewhere can attest, strides for women have been made over the past several decades. And while it has been made known that women have the ability to perform equally to their male counterparts, women are still treated as if this is not the case. Gender discrimination still exists in society, and when it occurs, it can have a damaging effect.

Whether it is in the hiring, promotion or termination process, basing these decisions on one's gender is discrimination. Additionally, if an employee is treated differently because of their gender, this is also considered discrimination. Whether it is having a lower salary than a man in the same position or having fewer opportunities when it comes to advancements, it is possible to take action.

Like other protected characteristics, gender discrimination takes place when there is unequal treatment on the basis of one's sex. While it is not gender discrimination to have separate restrooms for each sex, it is gender discrimination to have different work conditions, hiring processes, salaries or promotion or bonus criteria for each sex. Gender discrimination can also look like a hostile work environment or even sexual harassment. In these matters, it is also possible to take legal action against employment discrimination.

When gender discrimination occurs in the workplace, it is important that a worker or applicant understands that they have options to address and resolve these matters. By taking the time to understand one's legal recourses, it is possible to take action against this form of discrimination and even seek compensation for the damages suffered.

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