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Naturalization and the citizenship exam

As a previous post highlighted, many foreign nationals come to America through Illinois and other states to establish citizenship. While it can be a lengthy process, it is possible for immigrants to successfully enter the path to citizenship and complete it without any issues. This process is also known as naturalization and, in order to be naturalized, one must be eligible and pass certain tests.

In order to become a citizen, one must pass a citizenship exam. This may sound intimidating, especially for a person who has just begun learning the English language, but this is a necessary component during the interview process.

The beginning portion of this examination includes the examiner testing the interviewee's reading and writing skills in the English language. This is done by giving a simple dictation test. At this time, the interviewee will also be asked to sign his or her name in English. For those that are physically unable to read or write or are at least 50 years of age and have lived in the United States for at least 20 years as a lawful permanent resident, the literacy examination is not required.

The next step of the exam includes questions about the U.S. system of government as well as the nation's history. These questions test the interviewee's basic knowledge on these subjects. These questions include those that ask what the supreme law of the land is, what the Constitution does, what is the name of the first ten amendments, what is one right afforded by the First Amendment, what did the Declaration of Independence do and other similar questions.

Going through the naturalization process can be emotional and confusing. In these matters, it is important to understand how one initiates and moves through the process. This can help one avoid any pitfalls and take action if any issues do arise.

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