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When owning or operating a business, there are many responsibilities. Whether it is a large or small company, business owners in Illinois and elsewhere make many important business decisions throughout the year.

A business contract is essentially a company's lifeline, as it helps create profit and business relationships. However, business contracts can have their flaws, and if a party to the contract does not keep up their side of the agreement, this could result in a difficult matter and could evolve into business litigation.

A matter involving a breach of contract may seem simple and straightforward; however, there are many factors to consider when taking legal action for a breach of contract. At Walker Morton, LLP, our law firm takes the time to help our clients understand this process.

To begin, we look at the agreement as a whole, ensuring that a legal contract was entered into. This means looking for an offer, acceptance and consideration. Even if a valid contract was not established, our law firm can still prove that terms were relied on and acted upon. This could result in damages and cause for restitution.

In matters where a contract was properly established and entered into, our attorneys consider not only the evidence to prove that a breach occurred but also the damages suffered by our clients. This helps ensure that liability is not only established but also that our clients are made whole again through compensation.

To learn more, check out our law firm's business litigation webpage. Even if all the proper steps were taken when entering into a business contract, this does not mean everything will go as planned. A dispute may occur or a party may breach the agreement. Thus, it is imperative to understand ways to resolve these business disputes.

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