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When employees are hired in Illinois and elsewhere, this causes an employee-employer relationship to form. When this occurs, each party owes certain duties to each other. For example, an employee has the duty to fulfill the obligations of their employment contract, and an employer has the duty to provide a safe working environment. When an issue arises in an employee-employer relationship, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to you and how this matter could be resolved.

When an employment law issue arises, employees may not know right away that they are experiencing such a matter and that they have rights to address it. For example, a worker may feel uneasy about his or her interactions with a co-worker; however, he or she is unaware that this constitutes sexual harassment. By speaking up, an employee can get a better idea of what they are dealing with and feel comfortable moving forward with a legal action.

In other cases, an employee is fully aware that they are being mistreated, such as being discriminated against. He or she feels that retaliation is possible if they file an action. This makes it difficult to take a stand to protect his or her rights; however, this employee is also afforded the right to file an action.

At Walker Morton, LLP, our skilled law firm takes the time to help our clients navigate employment law matters. This means helping them understand the matter at hand and what rights are afforded to them. It also means assisting with a legal action that further protects these rights and addressing any damages suffered by the matter.

To learn more, check out our law firm's employment litigation website. While these matters might seem like normal disputes that arise in the course of business, these legal matters could develop into something bigger. Because of this, employees need to take a stand, protect their rights and take steps to obtain a favorable outcome.

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