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Understanding the rights of a lawful permanent resident

Some immigrants enter the United States as a means to see the county, traveling to major tourist locations. Other immigrants seek to remain in the U.S., taking steps to lawfully reside in the country. By filing for a green card, these immigrants are open to certain rights and privileges other immigrants are not afforded when they come to America.

A lawful permanent resident or LPR is also referred to as a green card holder. These individuals are not citizens, but they are lawfully in the U.S. and authorized to live permanently within the nation. There are certain rights afforded to LPRs. This includes the ability to accept an offer of employment within the U.S. without any special restrictions. Additionally, they have the right to own property, receive financial assistance at public colleges and universities and even join the armed forces.

Once certain eligibility requirements are met, LPRs may apply to become a U.S. citizen. There are many reasons to become a LPR; however, based on current data, the most common reason is for family reunification. Other categories with high numbers of LPRs include economic and humanitarian immigrants as well as immigrants from countries with relatively low levels of immigration to the U.S. Regardless of the reason for seeking LPR status, immigrants need to go through the process, ensuring everything in his or her application was completed correctly.

Immigration law can seem overwhelming, as foreign nationals do not fully understand the law of the land. Because of this, it is important that immigrants seeking to obtain a green card or enter the path towards citizenship understand the steps required to accomplish this. This often means filling out and filing certain paperwork. Additionally, it also means making sure you are doing things you are lawfully permitted to do based on your status.

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