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What questions are asked in a citizenship examination?

Immigrants come to America for various reasons. And some of these reasons turn into entering the path of citizenship. While citizenship is not the goal of all immigrants in America, it is often sought after, making it important to understand what this process entails. In other words, what must an applicant for citizenship in Illinois and elsewhere do in order to gain citizenship?

While the process to become a United States citizen requires much paperwork and various steps, the focus here will be on the examination that helps determine whether or not an applicant will be granted citizenship. What questions are asked in a citizenship examination?

While these questions are not the same for each applicant, the general idea is that an immigrant applying for citizenship must gain knowledge about the history of the U.S. Some of these questions include what is the supreme law of the land, what doe the Constitution do, what are the first ten amendments of the Constitution called, name one right or freedom of the First Amendment, what did the Declaration of Independence do, name one branch of the government, who makes federal laws, in what month do we vote for President and what is the highest court in the U.S.?

The list of possible questions is extensive; however, the underlying thing to remember is that these questions are designed to confirm that an applicant has basic knowledge of the U.S. system of government and the history of the country. Failure to confirm this knowledge could present delays in obtaining citizenship.

Seeking U.S. citizenship is a major deal for immigrant; thus, it is important to carefully understand how to initiate and navigate this process. Understanding you r legal rights and what to do if issues present themselves is also crucial, as this can protect you throughout the entire process.

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