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Resolving sexual harassment employment issues

No matter the size of a business in Illinois or elsewhere, employers take the time to consider the needs and rights of their employees. This goes beyond providing benefits and a workspace that is conducive to getting work completed. It also means protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees. If an employee does not feel safe in the workplace, he or she might file a complaint or even a legal action. Employers need to understand what they can do to address this situation and protect their business as well.

Sexual harassment is a serious situation and should never be taken lightly. And, accusations themselves can be damaging. Thus, employers want to ensure that this is in fact, the case, especially if they are the one being accused.

At Walker Morton, LLP, our skilled attorneys are well versed in employment litigation issues, and have helped countless clients deal with issues and disputes concerning sexual harassment in the workplace. We are devoted to helping individuals and businesses dealing with this legal matter.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms. An employee might feel uncomfortable when sexual comments are made towards them. Additionally, an employee might experience sexual harassment if there is any unwanted attention or touching in the workplace. If an employee asserts that a colleague or an employer has sexually harassed them, it is important that an employer documents this information.

Our lawyers understand the harm that a sexual harassment action could have for an employer. Even if an employer was not the one inflicting unwanted sexual attention, if an employee believes that an employer has not taken the complaints seriously or they did not do anything to address the matter, this could result in accountability being placed on an employer.

No matter the situation, our legal team will help our clients conduct the proper investigation and collect all necessary information and documentation to resolve this employment issue. To learn more, check out our law firm's employment litigation website. It is never easy navigating through serious employment issues. Therefore, it is beneficial to gain legal assistance to better and timely resolve these matters.

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