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What is needed for immigrants to work in the U.S.?

While many foreigners come to the United States as tourists, many enter the country to work temporarily or permanently. This can be a major business endeavor or just an opportunity sought by an individual. However, no matter the reason for coming to work in the U.S., immigrants entering in Illinois and other states seeking to work must go through a specific process to work in the country legally.

What is needed for immigrants to work in the U.S.? To begin, an immigrant must have one of three things. This includes a Permanent Resident Card, which is also known as a Green Card, an Employment Authorization Document or an employment-related visa, allowing for an individual to work for a specific employer.

Each of these three documents has its own application process and requirements; thus, it is important to understand which document you need and what your end goal is. Additionally, once one of these documents is approved, an immigrant must adhere to the condition of their particular work authorization.

An immigrant could enter as a temporary worker. This must be for a specific purpose in order to obtain this non-immigrant visa. On the other hand, those seeking to work permanently in the United States needs to obtain an immigrant visa. Other work visas could be applied for and are for students and exchange visitors and temporary visitors for business.

Regardless of the reason and timeframe you seek to work in the U.S., it is imperative that both you and your employer are aware of the visa you are applying for and the requirements set out by it. This not only helps with the application process but could also help you avoid issues once it is approved. Failing to adhere to the requirements could result in the removal of an immigrant.

Source: Uscis.gov, "Working in the US," Accessed Dec. 2, 2017

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